Faulkner County Animal Shelter

Recently voted in, the Faulkner County Animal Shelter aims to provide care for homeless or adandoned animals. Our new shelter is currently under construction and we are accepting donations to help with our new facilities.

Our Mission Statement:

  • 1. To humanely care for abandoned/homeless/injured Faulkner county animals.
  • 2. To provide citizens professional enforcement
  • 3. To provide pet adoption, spay/neuter, education, community outreach, and elevate human/animal bond.
Donate Now

New Location Under Construction!

Supported by your voluntary tax dollars, our new shelter is being built at 597 US-65 Greenbrier, AR 72058. Want to help us out? Donate today!

Future Location of Faulkner County Animal Shelter

The Future

Home of Faulkner County Animal Shelter

This rendering shows an approximation of what the new FCAS shelter building could look like once completed.